20 SEO Secrets

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    20 SEO Secrets
    Every Tool You Could Ever Need
    To Rank In Every Search Engine Is Revealed!
    SEO Secrets Are Exposed
    With The Tools The Pros Use!

    Here is what you receive with 20 SEO Secrets:

    1. A 18 minute video showing you exactly how to use the tools with ease.
    2. SEO Manifesto. This is a 12 minute audio rant about how easy search engine optimization is and how you can slap the search engines back!
    3. A 55 page PDF with the 20 tools and explanations of how to use them properly. The 20th tool is a 30 page list of resources that will make your SEO a breeze.
    4. A copy of Ross’s SEO Diamond Ebook to make sure you understand everything you need to know about SEO!

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