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    Retro Portfolio - Theme Wordpress đẹp cho trang web của bạn

    The main page of the template consists of 5 main sections:
    - Home section with slider manager
    - About section
    - Portfolio section (with jQuery filters to show/hide thumbnails according to the category)
    - Blog section
    - Contact section with ajax contact form

    - Wordpress 3.5
    - CSS3 features
    - Lightbox for Video embedding (Youtube, Vimeo), Pictures, Text frames and Audio Player
    - Custom jQuery features
    - Nivo Slider powered by a custom Slides Manager with drag & drop ordering.
    - Widget Ready
    - 5 Custom Widgets (Twitter, Flickr, Video etc.)
    - Ajax Contact Form
    - Cross-Browser compatible
    - Custom iconsets
    - Sidebar Generator
    - Customs Sidebar for every page
    - Easy and Powerful Panel Control Panel
    - Completely Translatable
    - Graphic Project’s PSDs included
    - 1-Click Categories Exclusion
    - Updates Notifier
    - Detailed Documentation

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